I do hardwood floors installation, tile installer, carpet installation and install stair rug. Hardwood floor installer, tile installation.    

   Floor One Installation of Stair Runners & Stair Rods   

Installing Stair runner and stair rod is among the first things a designer will suggest you to change to get a new pleasant look inside your home

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I Install stair runner and install stair rod Atlanta install stair rug I also hardwood installation, tile installation, carpet installation

Stair Runner & Stair Rods Installation Atlanta stair runner installation  stair rug installer I also install hardwood floors.

OK! you have selected your beautiful stair runner rug, you chose the best stair rods that match with it, now you are looking for a professional to install them. The best! Atlanta stair runner installation stair rug installation and install stair rug Atlanta install stair runner Atlanta install stair rod

Some people make the mistake and call carpet installers. Well the problem is they treat your rug as carpet which it is not. Installing stair runners and stair rods is separate issue. There are new techniques other than tack strips. Also there are other  issues like matching the pattern and capping  the ends if necessary. stair runner Installation installation of stair runners and install stair rods in Atlanta

I have been installing stair runners for years in Atlanta, GA. I've been trained and have expertise in this field. No matter the shape of the stairs, I'll install it. Call me at 404-578-0926 for quick no delay installation schedule. Install stair runner stair runner Installation Atlanta stair runner installation

Things that you have to consider when buying your stair runners are the length, the width of steps, riser height, and the shape you like to install stair runner on steps. It can freely cascade from one step to bottom step, or tucked (upholstered) under the lip of the stair. In the latter case, the total length of the needed rug will be more.  Your store salesperson will be able to assist you. Make sure the salesperson know if you like the ends be capped or not.

Stair runners are mostly machine made which are pretty much strait and cut from rolls to needed length. So they don't have ends. If you like the both ends be capped you need more length of the rug. install stair rods and install stair runners



You won't believe what a big difference stair runner and stair rod will make in the feel of your living place!






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we Install stair runner and stair rods in Atlanta Atlanta stair runner installation Atlanta stair rod installation

Atlanta stair runner installation stair rug installation and install stair rug Atlanta install stair runner Atlanta install stair rod